Ten Most Populated Cities in the World

We live in a big world with a lot of people. With global population racing upwards of 6.8 billion and environmental issues taking the lime light, overpopulation is a growing concern. Even though no city in the United States ranks among the ten most populated cities in the world, it is the number one contributor of carbon emissions.

1. Shanghai, China
Population: 14,348,535

2. Mumbai, India
Population: 11,914,398

3. Beijing, China
Population: 11,509,595

4. São Paulo, Brazil
Population: 11,016,703

5. Seoul, Korea
Population: 9,895,217

6. Moscow, Russia
Population: 10,433,869

7. Dehli, India
Population: 9,817,439

8. Chongqing, China
Population: 9,691,901

9. Istanbul, Turkey
Population: 9,555,719

10. Karachi, Pakistan
Population: 9,339,023


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