The 10 hottest female sports uniforms

Over the years, women have proven to be stellar athletes and, over time, some experts expect women to be able to compete and defeat male athletes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t look downright foxy in their different uniforms.

1.) The Beach Volleyball Bikini

By far, the Gold Medal of Sports Uniforms. You could put the ugliest professional beach volleyballer out there and every dude would be staring at her backside. That’s what you get for wearing a bikini and calling it a uniform.

2.) The Tennis Skirt

An oldie and a classic. Truly stands the test of time. Although, lately women have gone with the tight shorts and or suit look (Serena Williams anyone?), the skirt is still the consensus winner for tennis.

3.) The Gymnastics Leotard

Very underrated but very much appreciated. Just make sure you’re staring at someone who is of age. In fact, stick to the college competitions to avoid looking like a pedophile.

4.) Track and Field Shorts/Tank Top

Hard to ignore the popularity explosion of girls like Allison Stokke and other pole vaulters who flaunt their backside but you can’t ignore the runners who try to wear the flimsiest shorts possible in an effort to gain that extra advantage.

5.) Indoor Volleyball Shorts

There is a human being out there (probably a man) who decided that girls needed for some odd reason to wear these uncomfortable and extremely short shorts. I pray to that unknown person every day.

6.) Cheerleading Uniform

Debatable whether its a sport but they get the nod because as my friend said “they do have competitions”. I think that was code for, “they’re in short skirts, put them on the list or I kill you”.

7.) Field Hockey skirt

Not often seen unless you’re watching the Olympics or ESPNU for a random college game. Nonetheless, an extremely strong competitor in this category.

8.) Surfing wetsuit

Another one of those sports that we just don’t get to see enough. Probably because none of us know whats going on and what constitutes a good score. But if they could just focus on the bikini bottom and wetsuit, we could probably figure out everything from there.

9.) Golf Shorts

Fair to assume that us men hate women on the golf course. They’re slow and they often don’t advance the ball beyond 50 yards. But those outfits could make Bea Arthur look attractive….(ok, maybe not her…RIP Bea)

10.) Figure skating attire

Dresses, skirts, shorts….whatever these ladies put on seem to work well. Probably because most of them could fit into a suitcase but hey, I’m not complaining.


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