Tricks for a sex-essful marriage

"Ladies, if you want to crush your man's soul, stop giving him oral sex. If you want to blow his mind, become skilled at it," Matt Titus advises people in Why Hasn't He Proposed, the book he co-authored with wife Tamsen Fadal. That's not all... he goes on to explain how you can become "proficient at this particular job" through videos, books and even "classes that teach you trusted techniques".

With a punch line that says 'Go from the First Date to Setting the Date,' this guide for women in dead-end relationships is entertaining, to say the least. The duo share experiences they've had with friends and clients. They take turns to present their cases -- the woman's perspective and the man's -- with little drawings of a boy and a girl so as to let the reader know which sex is talking.

Their advice is fun and even insightful at times: "folks who are willing to cohabit are often the same folks who are more divorce-prone to begin with" and "contrary to popular belief, men are not biologically wired to have sex with more than one woman".

Even more amusing than the insights/cases/research are chapter titles: 'Extinguish His Fear of Wedding Hell', 'Tricks for a Sex-cessful Marriage', 'I Take Thee to Be My Wife, Not My Warden'. The wording alone may be enough to do the trick.

The book is more fun if you read it alongside How To Create A Magical Relationship by husband-wife team Ariel and Shya Kane, who've been been married for 25 years.

Ariel and Shya offer more cases and examples of clients they've successfully helped. But they tend to over-generalise ("Many women have not discovered that they can be themselves and still include their femininity") and harp on stereotypes ("A 'relationship splitter' is a person who has a specific type of incompletion with his or her parents.") To their credit, the authors attempt to explain this through examples: Boy gets friendly with couple and eventually breaks them up because he grew up believing he was a better companion for his mother than his father had been. Huh?


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