22 thoughts we have every single working day

6.30am 'Go to the gym? I'd rather die.' *Hit snooze*

7.30am 'I really should have gone to the gym, Tomorrow I will go.'

8.15am 'Uh-oh, did I wear this outfit two days ago?'

8.16am 'Oh no, I've run out of Febreze!'

8.25am 'Right, so your bag needs to sit down more than me? Not my death stare.'

8.29am 'I'm so digging my Bus Crush's tie/shows/bum today.'

8.31am 'Damn, he's caught me looking again.'

8.45am 'I just want a latte. Stop confusing me with the choices of sizes, flavoured shots and variations of foam...'

8.55am 'Oh no, it's the old "trapped in the lift with the boss" trauma. Proceed to boring chat about the weather.'

8.57am 'Must master the art of small talk. Career depends on it.'

9.03am 'Morning papers. Same thing every day, wait - red wine is definitely good for you? Result!'

10.30am 'I want lunch now.'

11.15am 'Shit, shit, shit, totally forgot the boss wanted that report by 12. I'll tell her it's totally ready.'

11.45am 'I suppose I better get off Facebook and write the damn report.'

1pm 'Seriously, is there anything better in life than a cheese toasty?'

4.40pm 'Gah. Afternoon slump. Injection of chocolate urgently needed.'

5.45pm 'Thank heavens for make-up. Otherwise I'd be a right minger. Argh, I'm going to be late.'

7.30pm 'A starter, pasta, garlic bread and an enormous dessert? Ah well, I'll go to the gym first thing tomorrow. Definitely.'

9pm 'I will leave the pub now.'

10pm 'I will actually leave the pub now.'

10.30pm 'Can't they invent a gadget that wipes off your make-up for you while you sleep? And brushes your teeth, perhaps?'

11pm 'Wish tomorrow was Saturday.'


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