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3D is the latest cinematic fad, summer releases these days often coming with a pair of dark-glasses.

Here's a look at the last few years in 3D, and ten releases that made the format really popular:

Final Destination 3D

It was a no-brainer to take a horror film to 3D, and while the Final Destination series of films have ended up being nothing but over-plotted slasher vehicles, watching this in horror is reportedly fun. Stupid, but fun.

There's nothing stupid about the way the world is reacting to twenty 3D minutes of James Cameron's upcoming Avatar. The footage is said to be revolutionary, and a complete change in the way we look at movies as well as 3D. We can only wait.

Trust Tim Burton to be the harbinger of new technology. His stop-motion Nightmare Before Christmas has always been a classic, but when it rereleased in 3D it took theatregoers on a whole new trip.

This Bryan Singer retelling of the classic Superman mythos explained its 3D pretty simply: everytime Clark Kent took off his glasses to become Superman, you put on your 3D ones. The results were great fun.

This adaptation of Neil Gaiman's great children's book took stop-motion animation to a different level of detail, and was said to be far better experienced in 3D than on standard screens.

Christopher Nolan's big film was dominated so much by Heath Ledger's Joker that one often forgets the big action-movie setpieces. In 3D, watching the Batman lasso a truck is something very special.

Pixar's latest masterpiece features a kid and an old man in a hot-air balloon, and while this hasn't come to Indian theatres yet, the reviews for its 3D version are particularly staggering.

Surprisingly a much better-reviewed film than both predecessors Ice Age and Ice Age 2, this one was a 3D success in theatres worldwide as the mammoths and their buddies trundled through more chaos.

This Disney film about a dog who believes he has superpowers was the ideal vehicle for 3D, with lots of action poised to pop right out of the screen.

Tim Burton did it again as Johnny Depp reportedly channelled Michael Jackson for this take on Roald Dahl's classic novel. The 3D for this one was an IMAX venture, and didn't work out all that effectively.


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