7 search engines for people search

Here is a list of some search engines that specialize in people search and help users find someone on the internet:

1. Pipl

Pipl lets you search for people by entering their first name, last name, city and country. The user can also search for information with the help email addresses, user names, and phone number. Pipl searches something which they call the “deep web” where traditional search engines cannot go so effectively.

2. Whozat

Whozat is a semantic search engine for people search. Whozat covers several information sources including professional and social networks. After you enter your query and hit search, you will see a summary of the person’s online presence, related queries, concept tags and other useful information. You can refine results by age, gender, place and concept.

3. Spock

Spock helps you find people by the name, email, location or keywords. Spock searches a number of information sources such as blogs, photos, social networks and videos. Members can also get updates through RSS and email alerts.

4. Wink

Wink lets you find people by typing in the name, location and interests. You can also create a profile so for improving your online visability. The service also lets you get the updates of the activities of your friends.

5. 123People

123people is another popular people search engine. The search engine has a well presented results page. The results include photos, videos, blogs, news, tag cloud, email address, phone no, social networking information, web links and premium public records.

6. Yasni

Yasni people search engine displays results from sources including social networks and web pages. You can set up a profile to manage and control information, distinguish from people having the same name and access useful personal functions. The search agent functionality notifies and keeps you updated on new search results for your name.

7. People Jar

People Jar is different from the above mentioned services. It does not focus on finding people by name. It rather helps you search for new people by interest, occupation and characteristics. People Jar helps you make new connections. Eg helps in finding potential collaborators or patrners for some project. It is not a social networking site.


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