I sold sex for $23,907 an hour: Sophie Anderton

Supermodel Sophie Anderton has revealed that she was into prostitution earlier and that she used to charge $23,907 (15,000 pounds) an hour, but says she is not proud of her past.

Sophie, 32, also said that she bedded a string of super rich businessmen to pay soaring drug debts, thesun.co.uk reports. And she claimed the British TV and fashion industry is "awash" with girls who have fallen into vice including two household name models.

Recalling the first time she had sex for money, Anderton said: "It was all over in two minutes. I lay there thinking, `Is that it? For ?15k, is that it?`"

The former "I`m A Celebrity" star, who made her name modelling Gossard underwear, has never before fully discussed her time working as a hooker.

"This is the truth, warts and all. For a short while I sold my body for a lot of money. I am not proud of it," she said.


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