Is Shilpa Shetty getting married in UK?

Is actor Shilpa Shetty getting married in the UK? Yes, as per her father Surinder Shetty's affidavit in court. Surinder had sometime ago filed an affidavit in a Surat court for his passport to be returned for three months. He requested that he be allowed to travel abroad for some engagements - one of which was his daughter's wedding in the UK. Surinder had been asked to submit his passport in court over his alleged involvement in a case of fraud relating to an endorsement for Praful Sarees by his daughter.

Contacted by Headlines Today, Surinder, however, refused to confirm the wedding.

Rumours about Shilpa's impending marriage to UK-based businessman Raj Kundra have been doing the rounds for sometime.

After her association with Raj, Shilpa diversified into many businesses, including her own spa and restaurant. She even turned into a yoga instructor.

Shilpa also has a house in London and frequently travels between UK and India.

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