Why does Bipasha carry a hammer in her purse?

Farah Khan's new chat show on Star Plus is hotting up with Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra and Olympic boxing champion Vijender Singh joining the celebrity guest list.

The show will see stars donating items for an auction. Shilpa's donation were a torch that does not run on batteries and an autographed Rajasthan Royals ball while Bipasha's contribution was her favourite training shoes.

Bipasha revealed her safety secrets on the show. In her earlier days in Mumbai, the actress used to keep a hatoda (hammer) in her purse to protect herself from all danger.

"I used to carry a huge bag," she said. "In it was a pillow and a hammer. After late night rehearsals and fashion shows, I would tell the taxi driver to drop me at my paying guest accommodation at Bandra. I'm geographically challenged... I don't have a very good road sense so I'd get into the cab, take out my pillow and go to sleep. And thankfully, I never got a chance to use the hatoda."

To which Farah quips, "How sad. Achha agar hypothetically tumhe hathoda kissi pe maarna hota, to tum kahan pe maarti use?

Bipasha quickly retorts, "Upar aur neeche (and laughs)!"


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