No, Amitabh Bachchan will not stop blogging

“I never choked when I wrote about my Father’s passing or that of my Mother’s, nor of any incident that may have been close to it. But I am choked today,” says superstar Amitabh Bachchan. “The eyes swell up with that strange liquid that appears involuntarily at moments such as this. The keys and the text that appear in front of me, blur and the fingers move at a pace that have no pre determined design.” He adds with emotion, “Truth has that exceptional quality that, by its admission, has the capability of moving mountains. ... I choke today because I have been confronted by a mountain of emotion, an emotion that has without any dilution, presented itself before me by my extended family. I do not think that there can be any doubt, that when we have confessed, faced truth, been a part of it, or admitted its presence, that we have not been overcome with overwhelming emotion.” Bachchan writes in a heartfelt blog, “The truth I face today is the limitless love that I have for this family of mine and the limitless love that it reciprocates me with, every day of the year.” He assures, “I cannot decipher what it is I have done to receive such affection, but now that I have it I am not going to let it disappear. NO ... ! I shall not stop writing. NO..! I shall not stop my connect with you. NO ... ! I am not going anywhere. I am here and shall remain here!” “The impregnable walls that we have constructed around our little world, the unbreakable links that have formed within each one of us in our chain of friendship and family, the abstract air of deep understanding and togetherness, is not going to be swayed or dented by any encumbrance. We may totter unsteadily, we may run against obstacles, we may be suppressed through force, BUT .. We shall rise above it all, unscathed, to walk the path we have chosen to walk.” The Big Blogger raises a toast, “I do not drink. But let me hold a glass to that and say a cheer for the well being of our fraternity.” Earlier, a hurt Bachchan had threatened to stop blogging after witnessing a few of his “extended family” using the platform “of this medium to get personal and ugly with each other. And each hashed comment that I came across as I scrolled down to the last, that indulged in a slang match, felt like a stab in my precarious rib cage.” But, all’s well that ends well, isn’t it?


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