Your computer may soon be Personal

A computer similar to the Hal 9000 system in the movie 2010, which claims enjoying working with human beings and having stimulating relationships with them, may soon be created, thanks to a new research project.

Oregon State University researchers are pioneering the concept of "rich interaction" that can pave the way for computers that do want to communicate with, learn from and get to know humans better as persons.

The idea behind this "meaningful" interaction is one of the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, in which a computer doesn't just try to learn from its own experiences, it listens to the user, tries to combine what it "hears" with its internal reasoning, and changes its program as a result.

When ordinary users spot the machine's errors they should be able to explain directly to the machine the logic it should be using.

According to the researchers, for a computer to be of optimal help to its user, it has to customise itself and get more personal. The major part of this challenge is to create interactive systems that are easy enough to operate without one needing a computer programmer's qualification.


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