Is Victoria becoming a cheerleader?

It seems Victoria Beckham is turning into a cheerleader, for she was recently spotted shopping in Los Angeles for a cheerleader outfit, complete with pompoms. Apparently, the former Spice Girl became interested in the outfit after her hubby David Beckham was famously snapped on two separate occasions in April last year, having a cheeky squint at the lycra-clad lasses who parade at LA Lakers basketball games.

Earlier this week, Posh was seen asking staff at Beverly Hills store Barneys New York if they could get her a similar outfit.

"Victoria was absolutely charming and very funny. She was being very self-deprecating when she asked if we could source her a cheerleading outfit," the Sun quoted a source at the shop as saying.

"At first we thought she was joking as she was giggling so much, but it soon became clear she wasn't. She asked if we could find a classic all-American outfit, but added it should be tasteful. She also insisted she wanted pompoms," added the source.


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